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Research Compliance

Research compliance covers a wide range of areas ensuring that UToledo researchers are conducting research in responsibly and ethically. In addition, we also ensure that UToledo adheres to specific regulations governing a variety of types of research (e.g. human subjects and animal research).

Image of a mouse and lab beakers representing Animal Care and Research

Animal Care in Research

If your research involves the use and care for animals, you will find the following two departments helpful.

Human Research Protection Program

Human Subjects in Research

Research involving human subjects has specific requirements and regulations regardless whether it is a simple survey or a clinical trial. The following departments can assist you through this process.

Research Safety

Research Biosafety

Safety in research is of paramount importance at The University of Toledo. If you are doing research that involves working with radioactive or bio-hazardous materials, you will need to work with the following departments to ensure compliance with UToledo safety policies and federal regulations for handling these materials.

Controlled Substances

Controlled Substances and Dangerous Drugs in Research

Researchers who obtain, store and utilize controlled substances in their research MUST comply with all relevant State and Federal regulations, including all of UToledo's policies and procedures related to work with these substances.

Export Control at UT

Export Control & Financial Conflict of Interest

Research subject to laws that regulate how technology, data or materials are physically or electronically shared or transported should work with our Export Control office to ensure regulatory compliance.

Research Integrity

Research Integrity

The University of Toledo Research Integrity Program ensures that researchers, staff and students are provided the tools necessary to conduct research ethically and responsibly and to ensure that allegations and investigations of research misconduct conducted in accordance with UToledo policy and applicable regulations.

Compliance Staff

Compliance Staff

Please contact us about any questions you may have concerning your research and compliance with the appropriate regulatory controls.

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Last Updated: 5/23/24