Office of Legal Affairs

The Office of Legal Affairs provides legal advice to The University of Toledo and its officers and employees while acting on behalf of the University. The Office's mission is: To advance the University's educational, patient care, research and community activities by providing responsive counsel while striving to minimize legal risks and costs, reduce litigation, and ensure compliance with state and federal laws and University policies and procedures. University employees seeking legal advice related to university business or affairs should refer to the Use of Legal Counsel Policy.

Communications with lawyers in the Office of Legal Affairs are protected by the attorney-client privilege, if the communications are made for the purpose of seeking legal advice on behalf of the University.  [more information about the attorney-client privilege.]  The Office does not provide legal advice to faculty, staff or students on personal matters.

The Ohio Attorney General (AG) is the chief statutory counsel for all public entities, including the public universities, and thus attorneys within the Office of Legal Affairs are also designated Assistant Attorneys General.  The Office of Legal Affairs works closely with the AG's Office, which handles all litigation against the University, with the exception of certain federal and administrative cases for which the AG may assign to outside counsel.  If you receive a subpoena, records request, lawsuit or other type of claim against the University or one of its departments or divisions, please forward it to the Office of Legal Affairs immediately.

Last Updated: 6/27/22